Customising an MS Windows Installation

This section applies if you installed Jim on Microsoft Windows. It describes how to tailor the installation if the programme will not start, if you wish to improve the performance of Jim, change the classpath so you can load plugins, or if you want to run Jim's stand-alone tools from batch files.

In the installation directory (normally C:\Program Files\Xinapse\Jim9) are the executables (.exe files) that are used to start Jim9 and its stand-alone and associated programs. However, in the Windows sub-folder are batch files (.bat) that can also be used to start the programs, both in GUI mode (with a graphical user interface) or for text-only processing.

These batch files can be customised to meet your needs. For example:

  1. You want to change the amount of memory available to the programs because you receive messages from Jim that it does not have enough memory to load images, or if it hogs memory. The setting -Xmx1024m allows Jim to use a maximum of 1024 MB of memory, regardless of how much RAM your computer has. You can increase this number if you find that Jim runs out of memory. For example, to allow Jim to use a maximum of 8 GB of memory, change it to -Xmx8G

    The setting -ms64m sets the amount of memory consumed by Jim immediately on startup, and should not need to be changed.

  2. If you want to use plugins for the ROI Propagation tool, DCE-MRI tool, Dynamic Analysis tool or Cardiac Analsysis tool, you may need to alter Jim's classpath so that Jim can find the plugin(s). You can either:
    1. Put all your plugins into one of two standard locations, in which case Jim will find the plugins automatically. The standard location are:
      • The sub-folder plugins in the Jim install folder.
      • The sub-folder JimPlugins in your home folder.
    2. Tell Jim where the plugins can be found, by altering the classpath above.

      After the section which says:

      -cp %JIM_HOME%\xinapse9.jar;...;%HOMEPATH%\JimPlugins

      append the full path to your plugin folder(s):

      -cp %JIM_HOME%\xinapse9.jar;...;%HOMEPATH%\JimPlugins;Path_To_You_Plugin_Folder

      where Path_To_You_Plugin_Folder is the full path to the folder containing your plugins.

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