Loading Images

As well as being able to import images in many popular medical image formats, Jim currently recognises the following image file formats:

If you need to load images in other formats, please mail to E-mail to contact Xinapse Systems support to discuss your requirements.

When you download and install Jim you may also have chosen to download some example images so that you can get started with Jim. These example images are in the UNC format.

To load an image in one of these formats, you can:

After the image has loaded, it will be displayed and the image source text box (near the top of the Image Display frame) will show the source of the loaded image.

Text field showing the image name

If you want to load another image of a similar name, you can simply edit this text to name of the new image, and then press the Return key. If you have correctly typed in the name of an image, then this will now be loaded.

If you do not have images in UNC, AnalyzeTM or NIFTI format, you can load images using the Import facility.

Launching a File Manager

You can browse through folders and files using a regular File Manager which can conveniently be launched from within Jim by selecting "File Manager ..." from the "File" menu:

Launching a file manager from within Jim

When launched, the folder shown will be that of the image that was last loaded into Jim's display. Note: this feature may not be available on all computer platforms. If it is not available, the menu item to launch a file manager will not be present.

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