Region of Interest Analysis - Introduction

Regions of interest (ROIs) are geometric shapes that can be used to compute statistics about features that you see in a medical image. Typical uses for ROI analysis include:

Jim has eleven types of ROI:

Jim has sophisticated ROI editing facilities, that will be easy-to-use for anyone familiar with modern presentation packages.

Multiple ROIs can be "grouped", to make certain editing operations (such as changing the colour of several ROIs together) simpler and quicker.

Once defined, ROIs can be saved to disk, and later retrieved and shown either in the same image, or in different images. The statistics about the regions can similarly be saved to disk, in a format suitable for importing into any spreadsheet program.

ROIs saved to disk include audit trail information, for use in clinical trials, where it is important to know the history of ROI creation and modification.

Start the ROI Toolkit from the Toolkits menu:

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