Package com.xinapse.multisliceimage.UNC

package com.xinapse.multisliceimage.UNC
The package com.xinapse.multisliceimage.UNC is used to represent and handle multi-dimensional medical images in the University of North Carolina (UNC) format. The following data types are fully implemented: Note: only big-endian byte ordering is implemented. While this package will work transparently and without problem on little-endian architecture machines, it will not handle images that have already been created and stored on disk in little-endian format.
  • Class
    Enables and disables debugging messages for the UNC package.
    Signals that a constructor or method in the UNC package has failed.
    A file filter for UNC images.
    This class is a representation of a multi-dimensional image in the University of North Carolina (UNC) format.
    This class represents the pixel formats (data types) that can be used in UNC images.