Package com.xinapse.multisliceimage

package com.xinapse.multisliceimage
The package com.xinapse.multisliceimage is used to represent and handle multi-dimensional Medical Images in different file formats. The following pixel data types are fully implemented: Both big-endian and little-endian byte ordering are implemented and supported. When reading exsiting images, the byte order is auto detected. When existing images are copied or modified, the original byte order is retained. For images newly-created from scratch, the byte ordering is byte order that is native to the computer on which Jim is running.
  • Class
    Class to add extensions, prefixes and suffices to image file and URL names.
    Signals that information about an InfoStorer has not been found.
    An interface that classes implement to indicate that they can store arbitrary textual information.
    An abstract representation of a multi-dimensional image.
    Enables and disables debugging messages for the MultiSliceImage package.