Overview of Jim Version 9.0

Jim is a medical image display package that allows easy viewing and analysis of Magnetic Resonance, x-ray CT and other types of medical image. Jim is an up-to-the-minute design with a familiar user-interface. If you can use a word processor and a presentation package, then you will quickly be up and running with Jim. Jim is NOT for clinical use. See the clinical use disclaimer for more details.

It is geared towards analysis of multi-slice and multi-dimensional image sets, and contains the tools needed for most common analysis tasks. There are two versions of each of the analysis tools in Jim's tool-set:

Note: to take advantage of the command scripting facilities on Microsoft Windows platforms, you will need to be familiar with the creating and using Batch files.

Version 9 builds on the fantastic success of Version 8, and has a huge range of features that you'll find indispensable. Browse this manual for full details.

It can handle images in a wide range of formats, including:

In addition, it has powerful image import facilities, to handle:

Virtually any medical image format not currently handled can be added on request.

Jim also has a Raw Data Converter, so that other non-supported formats can be read in.

Jim runs on virtually all 64-bit computing platforms, including:

Jim 9 needs Java version 17. For more details about this release of Java for your computer, please see the Oracle web site.

Jim comes with a fully-documented Java A.P.I. to the image formats and regions-of-interest, so that you can easily extend the image processing capabilities with your own Java programs.

Try out Jim on your own data, with a free 30-day trial with no commitment, to make sure that it meets your requirements. The simple, Windows-like graphical user interface and Hypertext help means that you will be up and running very quickly. Jim is NOT for clinical use. See the clinical use disclaimer for more details.

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