Microsoft Windows Installation

These instructions are for installing Jim 9 on 64-bit Windows operating systems.

Installation of Jim under Microsoft Windows is in five stages:

  1. Install the Jim software package
  2. Request a license
  3. Install the license
  4. Customise the installation (optional)
  5. Download some example images (optional)

  1. Jim Installation. There are two ways to install Jim 9, depending on whether you already have Java version 17 installed.

  2. Note: If you are re-installing the same version of Jim, please copy your existing license file (license.txt) from the installation folder to a safe place. Any batch files that you created or customised for the previous release may also need to be saved or recreated and re-customised.

    In the installer, when you come to set the "installation path", you can do either:

    In either case, you may need Administrator rights.

  3. License Request. The easiest way to obtain the details needed to send for a license is to try starting Jim. To start Jim, go to the Start button, then select Programs (All Programs on Windows 7; All Apps on Windows 10), program group Jim9, then the Jim9 menu item. If you have not yet received a license file, you will see a pop-up error dialog like the one shown below.

    Pop-up window showing no license (Windows)

    You will see a line that says something like:

    Note: you can automatically compose an e-mail to request the license if you click the Button to compose an e-mail button.

    Note: this is not an automated service, and there will be a delay before you receive your license file.

    Please be careful when copying the hostid: if you send the incorrect hostid, Jim will not work. Each hostid is 12 characters long, and consists of the digits 0..9 and the letters A..F.

    If you have purchased network (floating) licenses, you can set up the connection to your license server by clicking on the Button to connect to a license button. See the instructions for setting up a connection to a license server.

  4. Installing the License. The license file you will receive by e-mail should be saved to a text file, and copied into the directory where you installed Jim (most likely C:\Program Files\Xinapse\Jim9). Please ensure that the name of this file is "license.txt". (The installation directory is the directory that also contains (amongst others) the file "xinapse9.jar"). You should now be able to start Jim and its stand-alone tools from the Start button under All Programs, Jim9 then the Jim9 menu item. If not, please e-mail Xinapse Systems support who will help you to resolve the problem.

    If you have received and believe you correctly installed your license file, then you can get Jim to print out more detailed messages about why licensing has failed. Press the debugging licensing button. This will pop up a further dialog containing detailed license debugging messages. You can use these to diagnose the problem, or e-mail the messages shown in this window to Xinapse Systems support, to help us to diagnose the problem.

  5. Please also see the section about customising a Windows installation.

  6. You may also wish to download some example images to get you going with Jim.
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