How to buy J-imJim has two pricing structures – one for commercial use, and one for bona-fide academic use, with substantial savings for academic users. If you wish to use Jim in the analysis of commercially-sponsored clinical trials, you will need to purchase a commercial license. If you need to enter into a source code escrow agreement with Xinapse Systems, this is only available to purchasers of commercial licenses. Please contact us for the current escrow subscription rates.

After the first license is purchased, subsequent licenses to the same customer are offered at reduced prices. If you require bulk licensing, please contact us to discuss bulk discounts.

In Japan, you obtain Jim (with Japanese language support) directly from our exclusive distributor for Japan, L.A. Systems. Japanese

You can purchase three types of license:

  • Node-locked license. This type of license allows Jim to run on only one particular computer. If you wish to run Jim on more than one computer, then you will need to purchase more than one license. Licensing is controlled by the Ethernet MAC (hardware) address. Moving the license can only be done if the licensed computer fails or is permanently replaced. If, at some future date, you decide to upgrade Jim to a later version, you will also be given the opportunity to move the license to a new computer at that stage.
  • Dongle license. If you purchase a dongle license, you will receive a dongle to plug into your computer’s USB port. You can then run Jim on any computer, but only on one computer at a time. If you unplug the dongle from a computer, Jim will stop working on that computer until you plug in the dongle again. Note: the same dongle will work on systems running Windows, Mac OS X 10.5 or later or Linux. Note: dongles are small and easily lost or stolen. If you purchase a dongle license, you should take steps to ensure that the dongle is kept secure. A dongle will only be replaced after payment of the usual charge for an extra dongle license (see below).
  • Floating (network) license. If you purchase network licenses, Jim will run on any computer that can communicate with a network license server on the same local area network. The number of licenses that can be issued at any given time by the server depends on the number of licenses you purchase. If a user’s computer requests a license from the server, and all licenses are in use, then Jim will not start on that user’s PC until another user has stopped using Jim. With floating licenses, each copy of Jim that you want to run simultaneously, even on the same computer, needs to acquire a license from the license server. Floating licenses can be distributed by the license server over one network segment shared with the license server computer; they are not intended to be distributed over a wider network and this method of licensing is not reliable over networks that cross routers, gateways and firewalls.

Prices are given in G.B. Pounds. However, we will be pleased to supply quotations in any currency, and can accept payment by direct bank transfer.

Academic Pricing

License typeFirst licenseSecond and subsequent licenses

Commercial Pricing

License typeFirst licenseSecond and subsequent licenses

Please note that all purchases come with full technical support for one year from delivery, and there are no extras or add-ons to buy – everything is included, with full access to the JavaTM programming interface so you can extend Jim with your own image analysis functions and scripts.

Upgrade Policy

Our upgrade prices are based on no more than 20% of the full cost of a single license, per release version. So, for example, upgrading 3 copies of Jim from version 8.0 to version 9.0 would be about 60% of the full cost of a single license.

Node-Locked License Upgrade Cost

From VersionAcademicCommercial

If you wish to upgrade from your current node-locked license to either a dongle license or a floating license, please contact us for a quotation.

Dongle License Upgrade Cost

From VersionAcademicCommercial

Floating License Upgrade Cost

From VersionAcademicCommercial

We also offer full customisation services, should you have more specialised requirements.

To try out Jim free for 30 days, please go to the on-line manual, click on Chapter 2 (Installation) and see the section for your particular computer platform (Windows, Linux, OSX etc). You will have access to the full version of Jim, and full support for the trial period.