What just a few of our satisfied customers say:

Our customers always give J-im the thumbs up

“Jim is a powerful, user-friendly image analysis program that has been a key tool for my laboratory. We owe a great deal of our success to this robust package. It is also a pleasure to work with Xinapse Systems.”Dr. Rohit Bakshi, MD, Harvard Medical School, USA
“Jim is the only software available that meets the needs of the mixture of research and clinical trials that we perform. Xinapse Systems offers the flexibility and speed of response needed to get our clinical trials going quickly.”Prof. Massimo Filippi, MD, University of Milan, Italy
“… to sum up, the ability to read Bruker data, and the collection of DSC and DCE analysis, masking functions, coregistration functions, ROI analysis, histogram analysis, the ability to easily output the numerical data, and the ability to do this all with one program on a PC, has really moved things forward for us. It has eliminated the need for a lot of programming expertise, familiarity with Unix or MATLAB™, and the presence of different computer platforms. The Jim program hasn’t failed me yet!”Prof. Martin Pike, PhD, Oregon Health Sciences University, USA
“A comprehensive package that provides the post-processing tools we actually need, rather than those that a computer programmer thought might be useful.”Prof. Paul Morgan, PhD, University of Nottingham, UK
“As a neurologist with little background in imaging, I was able to pick it up pretty quickly to do my research.”Dr. Steven Brass, MD, Brigham and Women's Hospital, Boston, USA
“Jim is particularly suited for users who are not imaging specialists and who know little about MATLAB™ or programming, allowing them quick and solid post processing. Technical support never fails to be anything less than excellent.”Prof. Daniel Procissi, PhD, Northwestern University, USA
“I found Jim to be feature-packed and very stable. The ROI tools are very nicely thought out, and the speed and efficacy of the edge-finding contouring tool is impressive. The array of Jim command line tools, along with its Java API, made it possible to customize and take full advantage of its features in our image processing pipeline. Xinapse Systems support was very helpful during the process.”Dr. Peter Adany, Hoglund Brain Imaging Center, University of Kansas, USA
“Jim is very friendly. We just use it.”Prof. Nicola De Stefano, MD, PhD, University of Siena, Italy
To try out Jim free for 30 days, please go to the on-line manual, click on Chapter 2 (Installation) and see the section for your particular computer platform (Windows, Linux, OSX etc). You will have access to the full version of Jim, and full support for the trial period.